The Vision for Bremner Ridge

The vision for Bremner Ridge from the beginning has been to create a thriving community, a countryside oasis with all the conveniences of modern living on the doorstep, and the developer, Templeton, has kept that vision close to its heart in the 40-page design guidelines document, to ensure this vision becomes a reality.

The objective of these guidelines are to protect the long term environment of this community and in turn, protect the value of your most important purchase.

From post and batten fences, a front door that opens to the street, all elements of architectural design and landscaping have been addressed to ensure that the buildings within Bremner Ridge are of a high standard, have an attractive street appeal, and express its rural character.

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Creating an environment for your and your family to live, it will be a place that is welcoming, safe, attractive, unique, and is durable in our climate. The look, layout, and function of your home is important in achieving a quality neighbourhood.  When designing a building everyone will consider the following questions:

  • Is it welcoming for visitors?
  • Does it contribute towards a safe neighbourhood where neighbours interact?
  • Will it sit well alongside the surrounding homes and streetscape?·
  • Will the character of this house fit in within the surrounding countryside environment?
  • Is the design environmentally responsive?

A welcoming development: Fronting the street (or green link for some properties) with a visible front door and an attractive front façade.

A safe and family friendly place and encouraging of social interaction Locating habitable rooms with windows looking out to the street and green link (kitchen, living, dining, bedrooms, or a study).

An attractive streetscape Designing your house to have a timeless style that is varied in comparison to neighbouring buildings. Ensuring your house sits well with existing buildings around it by having a similar building height and compatible building form.

A unique place Having a building character that has a contemporary rural aesthetic inspired by the adjacent countryside.

Endurance in our subtropical climate Choosing building materials that are suitable for Auckland’s humid subtropical climate.


Templeton Limited is a residential developer focused on bespoke, design-led projects. From luxury homes to heritage restorations, modern inner city apartments to large land developments. Templeton looks for great quality sites and is willing to wait for the right site to become available.
From concept to completion, Templeton works alongside innovative architects and experienced consultants to achieve top results to an international standard.

Led by developer, Nigel McKenna, Templeton’s 50-plus completed projects include Lighter Quay, Beaumont Quarter and the Viaduct Harbour Waterfront. The latter project gave us The Sebel Hotel along with the waterfront dining precinct, featuring Soul Bar & Restaurant.