Bremner Ridge

The master plan for Bremner Ridge has been designed around a green network of natural native bush. This is made up of recreational and ecological corridors that incorporate native planting, storm water management, pedestrian and cycle paths.

The framework of the open space network is structured around connecting between key site features. Rather than an arbitrary scattering of reserves, the proposed network offers greater purpose to the open space strategy by linking between meaningful nodes and gateways to the wider area.

These Key Site Features Include

Major Bremner's Cottage

Major Bremner’s Cottage is a heritage building, with plans to be refurbished and used as a cafe. Once completed, it will become the heart of the Bremner Ridge community.


Bremner Ridge is envisioned to be a place that is welcoming, safe, attractive, unique and durable in our climate. It has been designed with elements of common areas, purely for community enjoyment.


Having the highest vantage point of all residential developments in Flat Bush, East Auckland – Bremner Ridge boasts unprecedented, unrivalled views across the lower Flat Bush town, and as far as the Auckland CBD skyline.