Major Bremner’s Homestead – The Heart of Bremner Ridge

The Bremner Ridge development is a homage to Major Daniel Eric Bremner. This 40 hectares of land was part of Major Bremner’s farm and residence from 1934 to 1943. He was awarded a Military Cross for exemplary gallantry in 1919.

The developer, working with the contours of the land, put an enormous effort into ensuring that the streetscape of the whole project promotes greenery, spaciousness, provincial living while capitalising on solar orientation and incredible views. In essence, Bremner Ridge is an effort to establish a community with its own park, cycleways, footpath’s and child care facilities.

Major Bremner’s homestead will be converted into a café that sits at the top of the local park as a crown jewel of the whole development. Major Bremner’s cottage is a historical building and will be restored in his remembrance for future generations.

Learn more about Major Daniel Eric Bremner on the Auckland Museum website: